TowerPoint Capital, The Best Option To Strike A Good Deal with Your Site

About Your Wireless Property and More

TowerPoint Capital, Helps Increase Value of your site and therefore it ensures that you are drawing long-term benefits from your property. It is true that often the internet proves to be of very little use when it comes to providing valuable information regarding wireless real-estate. Therefore, if you are consulting TowerPoint Capital, you are guaranteed to be provided with long-term benefits and probably the best evaluation regarding your wireless real estate. It is done with the help of a straight-forward interview where the managing director.

During the time of the evaluation, the company considers five important attributes which are the location, tenant credit leases and the terms and site marketability. Subsequently you will also be provided a thorough analysis regarding the favors and drawbacks of your sites. These are some of the compelling factors responsible for making TowerPoint Capital the most venerable one in the sector of wireless real estate.

TowerPoint Capital, Learn about Wireless Emergency Alerts and other such crucial details pertaining to the sector of wireless real-estate. It is the best possible way for you not to get dazed in the complicated labyrinth of various telecom companies. They will obviously do whatever necessary in order to ensure that they are striking a good deal. It is you who should be well-equipped with the knowledge and estimation regarding your property. This is precisely where TowerPoint comes in, catering over ten years keeping in mind the best interests of the clients and customers.

It is indeed necessary for you to be familiar with the various rules and facts as well as the total worth of your land before leasing it. TowerPoint is pretty well-reputed in the wireless real-estate and according to the records they have decommissioned around 56,000 sites and therefore it becomes a pre-requisite for you to have thorough information pertaining to your property before you proceed any further.

TowerPoint Capital came into popularity and a steady rise during the economic collapse of 2008, also the time around which major telecommunication companies and infrastructure gained considerable importance and expanded overnight. The world of wireless real-estate is a complicated one and needs a guiding light to ensure that they are not running on loss. The site owners often feel pressured when it is about their site being terminated or tangled in other legal complications. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact TowerPoint in case you are facing problems regarding your site.


TowerPoint Capital, A New and Improved Cell Site Valuation Method

A Very Accurate Estimate

TowerPoint Capital is one of the leading investors in wireless infrastructure and wireless real estate in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about this great company please check out TowerPoint Capital official account on Facebook for more information. For the past decade, TowerPoint Capital has proven why they are leaders in the wireless real estate industry. Because of this, when they announced they would be rolling out a new analysis tool that would make cell site valuations even easier, experts took notice. This new valuation method is designed to be the first step a site owner takes in discovering more about their cell site and its potential monetary value today and in the future.

Dustin Cahill, TowerPoint’s Managing Director stated that the approach to valuation that may have worked in the past are insufficient in the context of today’s continuously evolving landscape. TowerPoint Capital’s new valuation tool is so effective because it offers a multi dimensional solution that takes into account a variety of site attributes that traditional valuations fail to consider. This valuation method looks at five key areas of a wireless property such as location, tenant credit, lease terms, site marketability and a risk/reward assessment. By looking at these five key features, TowerPoint Capital is able to provide their clients with a very accurate estimate of cell sites property value. This information can be very valuable to a cell site lease owner when they need to make a decision later on down the line. TowerPoint Capital is able to help their clients due to the fact that they are an industry leading investor in and manager of wireless real estate properties across the United States. Since it was founded in 2007, TowerPoint Capital has worked very hard on creating long-range value for its landlords and corporate partners.

TowerPoint does this by placing emphasis on the company’s values of Knowledge, Professionalism, Integrity, and Partnership. TowerPoint Capital has invested in over $1 billion in telecommunications and related assets. TowerPoint is based in Atlanta, GA and has satellite offices around the US to make the process easier for site owners around the nation. It is for all of these reasons and more that it is clear why TowerPoint Capital is so highly respected in the world of wireless real estate. If you are interested in learning more about this great company, please click the following link TowerPoint Capital Introduces 360° Valuation Tool to Better Assess Cell Site Locations for more information.

TowerPoint Capital, Helping Their Clients get the Most Out of Their Cell Site Properties

Help for the Little Guy

TowerPoint Capital is one of the leading investors in wireless infrastructure and wireless real estate in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about this great company please click the following link Options for Cell Site Owners for more information. The world of wireless real estate can often be a confusing one. If you are a cell site lease owner, then chances are you have become used to receiving dozens of phone calls and letters informing you about your cell site and that it may be at risk of being terminated or taken down. The big telecommunication companies know that the average landlord or lease owner with not be aware of the factors that might cause their site lease or cell tower to be terminated or decommissioned.

That is why it is incredibly important to get the help of a third party like TowerPoint Capital, who can help you make sense out of all of the confusion. Landlords and cell site owners need to do the research and become familiar with the details regarding their property, especially if they are being threatened with decommissioning or termination. Most people do not realize, but cell sites represent significant financial opportunities to their owners, but only to those with the knowledge on how to capitalize on such properties. According to TowerPoint Capital, an estimated 56,000 sites have been decommissioned since 2004, with many more happening each year. Because of this it is crucial that people do their research and find out if their site lease is at risk. Companies like TowerPoint Capital are able to offer their clients an alternative solution to fighting with the powerful telecommunication companies of America.

They are able to appraise and purchase cell site from their clients, and often pay lump sums in cash or structured payments for the lease itself. They keep all of their clients best intentions in mind, and ensure that each cell site lease owner receives the full value that their property is worth. TowerPoint Capital also helps their clients take advantage of potential tax benefits that come with such sales as well. It is for all of these reasons and more that it is clear why TowerPoint Capital is so highly respected in the wireless real estate industry today. If you are interested in learning more about this great company please click the following link TowerPoint Capital Official Account on Deviantart for more information.

Tower Point Capital Leading the Wireless Charge

The Wireless Infrastructure Of The United States Is More Important Today Than It Has Ever Been, Led By Innovators In Their Field Such As TowerPoint Capital

In 2007, a group of elite and experienced investment experts, real estate gurus, and telecommunications giants formed to create the company TowerPoint Capital. If you’d like to find out more about TowerPoint Capital and the Future of Chicago Infrastructure then visit the following page in bold above. Today, they are the leading firm when it comes to investments and the management of wireless real estate across the US, and continue to grow in this great age of telecommunications. The leadership teams’ unrivaled experience allows them to share deep industry knowledge with their trusted and valued landlord partners and clients, and build a mutual relationships I which shared goals can be positively worked towards. It has helped them become the leading name in helping such people raise capital from leases on potential cell sites, and they work with both private and public sector firms and individuals.

TowerPoint Capital provides financial options for cell site landlords with cell tower locations and or rooftop cell sites, including lump sum lease purchase and structured installment payouts using an easement or master lease. The TowerPoint partnership provides no cost site management services for rooftop cell sites and cell tower ground lease locations. We structure equitable revenue sharing agreements to create better alignment between ourselves and our landlord partners. Many wireless properties are underutilized and mismanaged costing Landlords significant opportunities for upside. TowerPoint’s expertise ensures that these opportunities are capitalized on.

So what’s the three step process. Firstly, there’s the Complimentary Interview and 360°Site Valuation:

TowerPoint Capital conducts a proprietary analysis, utilizing five key metrics, to assess the true value of your cellular site. Secondly, there’s the proposal. A TowerPoint Director of Acquisitions will walk you through the results of the valuation. If they determine that your cellular site presents a valuable opportunity, they’ll work with you to customize a lease purchase solution that meets your specific needs.

And finally, there’s closing and funding. Their experienced team of best-in-class closing professionals has deep experience in a wide array of transactions of varying sizes and complexity. Speed to close is our goal — our transactions typically fund within 30-45 days — but never at the expense of quality execution. If you’d like to find out more information about the company and how they can help you raise capital from your cell site, then visit the following page here at TowerPoint Capital – Cell Tower Responsibilities for Landlords.